Neighborhood Watch

Activities That Evolved From Neighborhood Watch

Planned get-togethers include: Bunko, cheese and wine tastings, July 4th celebration, attending Air Force sports games as a group, Sky Sox baseball games, Father/Son Night Out, Mother/Daughter mixers, Ice Cream Socials, Ping Pong Tournaments, Frisbee Golf games, Day-After-Thanksgiving Dads vs. Kids Football games, Superbowl Parties, Christmas Parties, New Year’s Eve Game Night, Pot Lucks and much more.

The main focus of Neighborhood Watch is to keep the community safe, but also to get to know your neighbors so everyone can watch out for one another. It’s important to know one another’s habits, skills, resources, and vulnerabilities. Neighborhood activities help strengthen that connection in communities.

Examples Of Incidents Addressed By Wolf Ranch Neighborhoods.

  • A resident called police with an accurate description of a truck and its license number when he saw activity at a model home after midnight.
  • During a surprise blizzard, a member of Neighborhood Watch, a landscaper with heavy equipment, called out his crew from other parts of the city to come help dig out cars and stranded people nearby.
  • The developer’s maintenance staff and contractors also helped in the snow removal efforts when the city services were overwhelmed in the blizzard.
  • A reverse 911 call went out to all of Wolf Ranch one year about a lost resident that had Alzheimer’s disease. The response from this entire community was absolutely incredible. Hundreds of people went outside immediately look in all areas, using cars, trucks and ATVs. The CSPD were stunned by the response and told a neighbor they had never seen that kind of response before, nor had a community pulled together in the way that Wolf Ranch did. The resident was found and was safe.
  • When a Westcreek baby stopped breathing during a storm, a neighbor saved her life. The neighbor, a nurse, performed CPR while the mother cared for the other children and the ambulance was still in route. That nurse is a hero, a neighbor.

Community Spirit Throughout Wolf Ranch

“The community spirit is simply awesome!” says one neighbor. People who might have ordinarily been hesitant to know their neighbors, can now utilize relationships to make the neighborhood a more fun and safer place.

Wolf ranch neighborhood watch is not just for safety, it has also helped grow a social network within the community. Better a neighbor nearby, than a brother far away.

- A Resident of Wolf Ranch

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