Other Parks and Trails

Westcreek Park

Wolf Ranch opened its first neighborhood City park in Westcreek in 2005. Instead of waiting for the City to fund a new park for Wolf Ranch, the developer-funded the construction and the City built Westcreek Park.

This busy neighborhood City park is not just another park. People use this space for socializing, sitting to view the mountains of Colorado, and appreciate these amenities:

  • Multi-age playground equipment
  • Multi-purpose play field
  • Picnic tables
  • Park benches
  • In-line roller hockey/basketball court
  • Trails


Part of the planned 10 miles of trails for hiking biking and walking are already being used regularly. Residents have an opportunity to choose from a variety of on them you can always capture a view, take in a sunrise, sunset or just enjoy some peacefulness.

Pocket Parks

The Pocket Parks in Westcreek Park and The Villages are small minimally landscaped open space with park benches and trails that meander along. The Pocket Parks are part of the neighborhood ambiance of Wolf Ranch.

Abbey Pond 

Ensuring the health of America’s watershed, Abbey Pond is a wetlands pond in the Westcreek neighborhood and home to wildlife, vegetation and it has been used as an outdoor classroom.