Wolf Ranch Neighborhood Schools A Place To Learn And Grow

Academy School District 20, its teachers, principals, students, various projects and teams have won numerous awards, making D-20 a most desirable school district for families with students in Colorado Springs public schools.
Students of the Wolf Ranch community are part of the D-20 community of schools that include neighborhood schools, charter schools, private academies and specialized studies.

Academy School District 20 announced that it will be building an Elementary school and innovation and learning center on the K-12 Campus to open in 2018. 

Wolf Ranch is home to Ranch Creek Elementary, one of D-20’s newest schools, and future neighborhood schools are also designated to be built in the community.

Liberty High School

 Visible from Wolf Ranch, Liberty High School has an active student body, involved teachers and a unique PALS group of family members that help support education and activities. The proud Liberty Lancers alumni are another arm that help build school spirit and community involvement.

Elementary School

Wolf Ranch is home to Ranch Creek Elementary, one of Academy School District 20’s newest schools. The school is located in The Villages neighborhood and offers classes for students from preschool through fifth grade. Students that reside in Wolf Ranch and follow the D-20 feeder system upon graduating from Ranch Creek Elementary, will move on to attend Timberview Middle School.

Timberview Middle School

This neighborhood middle school is located northwest of the Wolf Ranch entrance and is the proud home of The Timberwolves. Students that live in Wolf Ranch and follow the D-20 feeder school system will attend Timberview Middle School, then move on to Liberty High School. Timberview offers a wide range of interscholastic and intramural sports programs.

Registration at Academy School District 20

The registration process can be completed in less time if the registration is started through the on-line process. Once the steps are followed on-line, paperwork is completed and the necessary items are brought to Central Registry, the registration process should take only 20 minutes per child to complete. The exceptions to this are in the month of August and between the first and second semester. Office opens for business at 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., but they request that any new student registrations begin no later than 3:00 p.m.

Charter Schools at Academy School District 20

 TCA charter school system within Academy School District 20 District has several campuses that offer a variety of learning experiences for all ages from preschool through high school. TCA is a vibrant educational community where parents and faculty partner together to nurture “exemplary citizens.”  Parents look to TCA as a skilled and passionate partner in the educational journey of their school-age children–a journey toward becoming thoughtful, virtuous, and wise individuals, today and tomorrow.